The Hanging Church

The Hanging Church is one of the most charming churches in Egypt and the Middle East, as it date back to the third century A.D, and it was derived its name from its location, which was on two old towers and its is now above the gatehouse of Babylon Fortress, it also was situated in a place called Al Fustat which was known as the Old Cairo, it also was renewed for many times and it was constructed in the beginning in Basilican style. 



Live the holy adventure with Flying Carpet Tours, as you will explore one of the most famous and beautiful Coptic churches in Egypt, which is belonging to St. Demiana and the Virgin Mary, and it is considered to be one of the famous attraction destinations in Cairo, therefore you will get astonished with its beautiful designing and Coptic inscriptions, the Hanging Church has a nave that is suspended over the passageway and it has amazing iron gates which are located under a stone arch, you’ll also love the charming decorations on its walls with a fabulous many ebony, ivory screens, marble columns and wooden ceiling, as well as it has more than a hundred religious icons.


Enjoy Discovering the Hanging Church, which includes in its interior about 13 flourishing pillars, it also shed light on the stories of Jesus and his 12 apostles, The church was designed as a rectangle shape, it is 79.05 by 67.24 feet and 24.10 by 20.50 meters, you will also find a beautiful fountain that was constructed in front of the church, The entrance of the Hanging Church has an outer porch which is decorated with many designs such as the Floral and Geometric, there’s also in the entrance of the church a southern door in the narthex’s eastern wall, explore more about this historical Coptic church that was believed to be constructed during the patriarchate of Isaac. 

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