Ben Ezra Synagogue

Live the spiritual adventure with Flying Carpet Tours, as you will explore the Coptic and ancient church of Ben Ezra Synagogue, as it is considered to be the oldest church in Cairo, it was situated in the Old Cairo, then the Egyptian government decided to improve it and allow the visitors all over the world to visit it, as it became one of the ancient tourism attractions, in the past there was a Coptic church which was known as Shamaain, however the Orthodox church decided to sell it to the Jewish community, therefore it was sold to Ezra the writer, this synagogue was described as the Palestinians Temple, The Synagogue once had an old copy of the Old age, as it was said that Ezra the Prophet (Al-Azir) had written it. It is believed that the site of the Synagogue where the box of the Baby Moses was found.

Consequently Ben Ezra Synagogue has a high importance for the Egyptian Jews and it has a special history, Ben Ezra Synagogue was constructed in the shape of a rectangular basilica, and it is including two floors; the first one was belonging for the men while the other second one was belonging for the women, this designing goes back to the Turkish dynasty. You can see it clearly on the side halls with patterns such as, rectangles, star patterns and pentagonal patterns. 

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