Manial Palace


Although Manial Palace is not famous place in Egypt, it is one of the most magnificent constructions and you will entertain your soul and eyes during walking through the astonishing decoration, design and the streets around that palace, as the Palace of Manial is close to the Nile River, It is including a big walled plot of land on the Island of Roda, it is also approximately a half-mile southern the tip of Zamalek.



Moreover The Manial Palace Museum is one of the most wonderful and beautiful historical museums, as it shed light on valuable events of the Egyptian modern history, which shows a clear picture of the life style that belongs to the first princes of the royal family and how was it looking like.



The Palace of Manial was constructed approximately between 1899 and 1926 by the famous Prince Mohammed Ali Tawfik, it also includes a rare and valuable collection of the prince such as, clothes, silver items, manuscripts, the furniture and many other items, as well as the Museum of Manial Palace is more beautiful than the rest of many other museums, because of its marvelous architectural design, because it was designed in a modern Islamic designing which was derived from the popular Islamic schools in the duration of Mamluk and Fatimid.    

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