Blue Hole

Blue Hole is one of the most fascinating diving spot all over the world, it is also located at Dahab, and therefore you will get delighted by enjoying amazing diving trips from Dahab.


Moreover when you go to the Blue Hole with Flying Carpet Tours, you will enjoy watching the marvelous coral reefs, eels, fans and a lot of colored fish, which are all located in a huge water aquarium or a sort of cave that has amazing depths about 462.5 feet, as well as the hole is giving gorgeous scenes of the underworld water. 


Consequently you will be amazed when you dive straight alongside the wall, as well as its depth is well known to be including a deadly end that is considered to be made especially for the professional divers, so, you will enjoy the exciting adventure and exploring the mysteries stories about this hole, which has a legend that tells about cursed which was made by the ghost of girl who decided to drown herself on it to run away from an arranged marriage.

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