Dahab is the best place for relaxation, enjoy the warm of the sun rays, go on Safari tours and get relaxed with the meditation in its charming desert by watching its fabulous views. Therefore you will never get bored in Dahab, because there are a lot of exciting things and activities to do, as you will find lots of markets and enjoy shopping, go snorkeling, get excited with Skydiving activity, windsurfing facilities, as it is one of the water sports that isn’t exist in Sharm EL Sheikh, and Dahab is well known by windsurfing because of the speed wind of the City as it has many marvelous mountains that are surrounding it everywhere. Moreover you will experience diving at Blue Hole, which lies a few kilometers far from Dahab in the east of Sinai, it also has many luxury hotels and restaurants that are distinguished by their excellent services.    


Find the inner peace and feed your soul with Flying Carpet Tours, as we will have the pleasure to show you one of the most charming places in Egypt, which is Dahab, where you will get delighted by the fascinating views of Sinai Mountains, which are dropping right into the sea. Dahab is a top tourist attraction after Sharm El-Sheikh. Although Dahab once was just a small fishing Village but there were a speed obvious improvements in this city and the Egyptian government announced for the tourist hotels, restaurant and villages, consequently nowadays there are a lot of tourists from all over the world are coming by to enjoy everything about Dahab. 


Enjoy the moderate and warm weather of Dahab, go on tours from Dahab to many gorgeous tourist places such as the Fish Bowl, the Blue Hole, the Colored Canyon, the Lighthouse Reef and the Caves. Explore many fabulous things about the life underwater, watch the coloured coral reefs, the brilliant underwater fauna and the coastal reefs, as you can make scuba diving and snorkeling, which are extremely popular in Dahab. 

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