Colored Canyon

Colored Canyon at Nuweiba is considered one of the most charming places in Egypt, that you will be fascinated with its wonderful colors, therefore you will get excited with Flying Carpet Tours by going there, as it only takes about an hour from Sharm El Sheikh and it is located at the northern side of Nuweiba approximately 12 km.



So, you will enjoy amazing Safari tours to the Colored canyon, which is also close to St. Catherine’s Monastery, moreover when you go there you will get the chance to enjoy exploring the amazing rocks of the Colored Canyon which is gathering between many colors such as white with yellow and red rocks, as it gives you a dramatic views that makes you eyes staring at the natural beauty of these colored rocks and mountains, that contain many colors amazing colors, the Colored Canyon is also some palm trees that give you the chance to take rest for a few minutes then continue moving through the charming rocks, as you will find some of these rocks have a height of 40.

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