Nuweiba lies at Aqaba Golfin in the middle of Sinai, enjoy the the fabulous views of the high mountains, the charming beaches, fancy places to have the chance to learn and practice diving, get excited with swimming under the warm sun, and snorkel at the Red Sea clear water, as well as the marvelous nature which is one of the attractive things in Nuweiba, consequently it made the Nueiba city a suitable place for relaxation and meditation, you will run away from the mess of life and the stressful world  to experience  a lot of exciting things and activities with Flying Carpet Tours, as we will take you in a trips to discover the beauty of nature in Nuweiba, enjoy the breathtaking sights of Saudi Arabia’s soaring mountains and its moderate and warm weather.


Therefore, Nuweiba has many advantages, as it has the Nuweiba Port, which is one of the most famous seaports in Egypt and it is the convenient place for whom keen to the calm and exciting activities, as you can take fancy tours from Nuweiba to the heart of Sinai Desert, discover the water animals, plant and the amazing life of the underwater in a trip to Colored Canyon, walk through the monuments of St Catherine Monastery, enjoy the ancient monuments that were discovered in Sharm el Sheikh, and enjoy exploring the rare and beautiful coral reefs of Red Sea at Dahab.


Experience the life of Bedouin people and try to take a nap under the fancy palm trees while watching the charming sea in front of you, then walk up to enjoy a Bedouin dinner and making BBQ parties, taste the relish food. 

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