Desert Breath

Desert Breath is located near to Hurghada at the Egyptian desert, as it also including about 100,000 square meters, it is also located in the eastern Sahra desert near to the charming Red Sea of El Gouna, therefore you will get excited with Flying Carpet Tours by taking a trip to Desert Breath, which is considered to be holding a wonderful swirling design, as it was made between 1995 and 1997, so, it took about two years to reach such amazing work.


Moreover it includes 89 protruding cones that is appeared to be increasing in their size gradually when you get close to them and vice versa when you walk far from them, there are also 89 depressed cones which are located in spirals, where the sand is digging out and create the design of the protruding cones.   


As well as there is water at the middle of this amazing art piece, which is deep enough to make a beautiful view of the desert with water, as it is about 30 meters in diameter that has since evaporated, consequently this desert is making marvelous scenes specially when it appears by the satellite pictures, a place that should be seen.   


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