Oyun Musa

Oyun Musa is one of the amazing places that is located at the southern of the Tunnel of Ahmed Hamdi, it is containing pure water sources, as well as it is believed that this is the place, where Moses had stopped during leading the Israelites when they tried to run away from the Pharaoh’s wrath, it is also believed that Moses have thrown a specific tree that is considered to be very special into the brackish water, therefore it turned to be drinkable because of that tree.  


So, you will feel excited with Flying Carpet Tours during your trip to Oyun Musa, as you will entertain your soul and mind by listening the beautiful story of Moses which is belonging to the Bible, as it was said that Moses has stopped during his travelling into the desert for three days and he had no water, then he had found a spring which contains bitter water, however the God gives the solution to Moses, as he was told to throw that wooden tree into water, so far this spring is existing but it is still bad not pure, as well as there about another seven springs that you will find.

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