Sannur Cave

Sannur Cave is situated in a city in Egypt that called Beni Suef, it is about two hours far from Cairo by driving, as well as it is one of the most beautiful unknown places in Egypt, therefore you will be excited with Flying Carpet Tours while exploring this beautiful cave which was found in 1980, as it was created by the groundwater that percolating through the limestone of Galala Plateau, it also excess calcium carbonates which make many marvelous stalagmites and stalactites shapes.


So, you will get fascinated with the naturally beautiful cave that has a charming colors when the sun shine and the light come on it, as it gives a shape like glitter, so you feel like if you are in a wonderland, moreover you will find deposits that belong to red soli it also called Terra Rossa and some swallow-holes, therefore it is a place that should be seen.

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