Zaranik Protected Area

Entertain your mind and soul with Flying Carpet Tours by watching the amazing Zaranik Protected Area which is located at the end side of the Lake of Bardawil, it also was established in 1985 A.D, as well as it is considered to be one of the beautiful protected areas in Egypt on the Mediterranean Sea of Sinai, as the Mediterranean is on the northern side of this area and the Qantara is located in its southern side, it also has touristic areas in the eastern and the Lake Bardawil at its west, therefore it is surrounding with beautiful places, as well as including an amazing autumn migration of water birds.



Moreover Zarabik was established especially for the migratory birds, so, when you go there you will find a lot of charming birds from all over the world and you will explore about four villages in the Zaranik Protected Area, where the Bedouins are living in, therefore you will get fascinated by watching approximately more than 244 species of the migratory birds, which have been recorded at Bardawil Lagoon and more other birds that will surprise you, there are also many other kinds of reptiles, beside the loggerhead turtle Caretta and green turtle Celonia Mydas, consequently you get amazed with a place that shed lights on the different kinds of beautiful creatures and you will find it such a unique experience.

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