Tuna El Gabal

It is an archaeological village located in Al Minya Governorate , near the modern village of Tuna el-Gebel, on the edge of the Western Desert.  It is considered the main feature in Al Minya, a large necropolis for the ancient town of Khnum or Hermopolis, The cemetery is located 11km from the city.


Tuna el-Gebel was originally named “Towns’’ in the Pharaonic era. It was named Tahnet in the Roman era. The meaning of both names is the blessing or flood. It was considered a cemetery in the Pharaonic, Greek and Roman periods that contains many important monuments including the tomb and the chapel of Isadora, which dates back to the Greco-Roman period. 


The first monument to be visited is Akhenaton’s boundary stela, the earliest monument in the site, this stela shows the King with his wife Queen Nefertiti while worshipping the god of sun, Aten.


After that you will find the underground catacombs, the main feature of Tuna El Gabal, it is different because it didn't house mummies of human as normal, instead it houses mummies of sacred animals such as baboons, ibises and falcons, because they were resembling god Thoth.


After the catacombs, you will find another monument, which is the Tomb of Petosiris, who was a high priest of god Thoth, lived in the early Greco-Roman era. The decoration of this tomb is unique as it bears the Greco and the Pharaonic style of art, as well as the carvings and the paintings inside the tomb itself, you will also see traditional farming scenes with people who are dressed with Greek costume. It looks more like a temple than a tomb.


Behind the tomb of Petosiris is the tomb of Isadora, she was a young girl who lived in the town of Hermopolis and renowned for her beauty. Isadora has an unparalleled romantic and tragic story about her death, as she fall in love with a Roman Solider and they wanted to get married but her father refused this marriage, so they decided to run away, but unfortunately while she was crossing the Nile river, she drown. Her father built this tomb and wrote her story in the Greek language, he also mummified her body and put it in her mausoleum, which is still in the tomb till the moment in a glass box to be visible for the visitors.




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