Graeco Roman Museum

Graeco Roman Museum is one of the famous attractions in Alexandria, so, you will get delighted with Flying carpet Tours when you visit this small museum, as it contain many artifacts that shed lights on the great civilization of the Greek, Roman and Ancient Egyptian kings, therefore its gathering between the Greek and Roman cultures beside the Paranoiac, as Alexandria was affected by the dynasty of the Ptolemaic.


As well as The Graeco Roman Museum was constructed by Khedive Abbas Helmy II the is situated Fouad Street in Alexandria, it also includes exciting Roman and Greek artifacts, as it holds a beautiful inscription of MOYXEION that was written, which means museum but in Greek language, as well as a simple neo-classical, so, you will enjoy our trip to Greco Roman Museum, where you will watch the Roman mummy, the amazing marble head that belongs to Alexander the Great, as well as the fabulous white marble that belong to Julius Caesar, moreover you will find approximately 27 halls and a charming garden.

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