Ras El Tin Palace

Ras El- Tin Palace was founded by Muhammad Ali Pasha on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in Alexandria; it is the oldest royal Egyptian palace still in use. Ras El Tin Palace has imaginable historical breadth along Egyptian Royalty; it took 11 years to be established and was officially opened in 1847.


It is one of few palaces in Egypt that witnessed the early 19th century initiation by Muhammad Ali Pasha Dynasty, following the Egyptian Revolution of 1952 when King Farouk signed his abdication and left Egypt from the palace`s harbor; El Mahrousa, heading to Italy.


Ras El Tin Palace was built on the Italian style like Abdeen Palace the large royal Palace at Cairo, with architectural elements and ornamentation inspired by that era. It was built on a foundation of 17,000 square, and 12 acres Fig Trees Gardens, and through the reign of successive kings, the complex was used as their residence and the government headquarters during the summer season.


Ras El-Tin Palace location is very fascinating on Mediterranean Sea, King Farouk rebuilt the palace on the modern style, and he established a marine pool which connects between the Palace and the sea. The pool was linked to Ras Al-Teen palace with a long pavement. In order to arrive to the pool by land, a jeep had to be used passing through the wave breaker with great difficulty.


The royal rest house built near the pool consisted of a bedroom, a fully equipped kitchen and some additional rooms for staff and storing recreation and fishing gear. The palace also includes the hall of the throne with two annexed salons, a dining room, a hall for major feasts, a ministers' hall, a vast spectacular salon which oversees the harbor of El Mahrousa, and the king's private suite and bathroom.

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