Royal Jewelry Museum

Enjoy exploring one of the most charming museums in Alexandria with Flying Carpet Tours, as Royal Jewelry Museum is including the marvelous diamond artifacts, gold and crystal collections that belong to the royal families of Egypt, therefore there are a lot of expensive items that shed lights on the Palace that belong to Fatima Al Zahraa who was one of the famous queens of royal families, moreover this palace was built in 1919 A.D and its construction was made at the European style in the nineteenth century, as well as it has unique ornament items.


Therefore this museum is including many gifts from the British and French kings and many other amazing antiques that were made epically for the royal families, so, you will find a glamorous jewelry that belong to the wife of king Farouk and about 12 cups that were made of gold and bronze that belong to Prince Tawfik, consequently you will get amazed with the enormous of the flourishing items and jewelry, as the Royal Jewelry Museum is containing approximately more than eleven thousand of the gorgeous artifacts, beside the beautiful leather money bags which are decorated with the gold and precious stones lobes, in addition to beautiful collection of the prince Mohamed Ali Tawfik which is consisting of a decorated glass cups that has 977 diamond lobes and a pure golden pocket watch, so, it is a place that shouldn’t be missed. 

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