Tomb of Bannantiu

The Tomb of Bannantiu is located in el Bawiti city at Bahariya Oasis. Bannantiu means the soul of those who have not. In the great days when Bahariya's wine was well known throughout ancient Egypt, particularly during and around the 26th Dynasty prior to the Persian occupation, many businessmen in the Oasis gained considerable wealth. Bannantiu was probably either a trader or wealthy land owner, judging by his elaborate and large tomb.


The tomb was carved in the rocks and belongs to the 26 dynasty, consists of a big hall with four columns, the burial chamber and side chambers that were re-used in the Roman era.


The layout of his tomb is somewhat interesting, with a square shaft cut into the sandstone leading vertically down about eighteen feet to a hall constructed very near the style of a Roman basilica, with two rows of columns dividing hall into three equal parts. Three small burial chambers communicate with the main hall.


The  entrance contains a painted image of the tomb owner, Amun is shown leaning against a column in the shape of a tree with palm fronds and holding a stick with three animal skins, on the western wall is depicted the Feast of Nefertem, six symbols of gods, including Khonsu, are mounted on stands. On the other side of the entrance we find a depiction of Osiris represented as the living king, along with his wife and sister, Isis, who holds an ankh, the sign of life, in her left hand. On the south wall, Shu, the god of air and sunlight, is depicted as he holds the sun disk above his head.



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