Military Museum

The Military Museum is Located at citadel of Salah el Din at Cairo, it consider one of the largest museums in Cairo, is the best evidence for the victories of the Egyptian army and the heroism of the Egyptian soldier who was described by Napoleon as the finest soldiers in the world, comes at the forefront in the list of military museums in the world.



Unleash your inner while scout around the most gleaming parts of Military Museum, War has always played a critical role in Egyptian history, walkthrough the Military Museum to get a rich information concerning the wars that Egypt had lived beside military tools and weapon was used since Pharaonic till now, moreover get the opportunity to know about war strategies had been used and more to explore in a day tour to citadel of Salah el Din.



The Military Museum was established at first in 1927 in El Sheikh Barakat Street, then moved into the Citadel of Salah al-Din in 1948, Upon entering the museum, one first sees one of the oldest weapons on display, a catapult. It was used at the beginning of the Islamic Period as a method of siege to throw huge rocks and balls of fires.

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