Mosque of Ibn Tulun

Mosque of Ibn Tulun is located in a famous place in Cairo that is called Al Sayedah Zaynab and it was totally constructed in 879 A.D on Yashkur Mount by Ahmed Ibn Tulun, who was the founder of Tununid Dynasty during 868 and 905 A.D, this mosque took about three years until it was completed, as it is considered to be the third largest mosque in the world and the oldest mosque in Egypt.


Ahmed Ibn Tulun was sent to Cairo by the Abbasid Caliph in Baghdad, therefore this mosque contained the Abbasid style in its construction and shed light on the architecture and art of the classic Islamic designing, as it included an open Sahn with a beautiful ablution fountain in the center and has four Riwaqs, as well as the largest Riwaq is called the Qiblah Riwaq and the five naves on the Qiblah side, which is the side that is facing Mecca and the other two naves on the remaining sides.

 Moreover you’ll get delighted by the grandeur of this marvelous mosque with Flying Carpet Tours, as you’ll explore its charming design and the huge area of Ahmed Ibn Tulun Mosque that includes about 19 doors on 3 sides and a flourishing minaret with its external spiral ramp, which is situated in the north side of Ziyyadahs, as there were a lot of houses that were constructed in the opposite side of the mosque’s walls during the Medieval era.

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