The Royal Carriage Museum

The Royal Carriage Museum in Cairo is a small museum located inside the Citadel of Salah El Din near the Military Museum. It includes a collection of carriages of Mohamed Ali’s family that were borrowed from the main Carriage Museum situated in Bulaq.

The building of the museum is different from the other buildings as there is a bust of a horse above each window, as if these horses are welcoming the visitors of the museum.


The museum includes a collection of eight carriages, including the one used by Khedive Ismail during the opening ceremony of the Suez Canal in 1869.


In the museum you will find a big carriage, which was used to welcome the kings and the queens who came from foreign countries for the opening ceremony of the Suez Canal.


There is also the golden state carriage that was given to the Khedive by Napoleon III.


Moreover you will find the carriage of king Ahmed Fuad Pasha, the last king of Egypt before the revolution, he used it for his personal travel.


Eventually you will see an old carriage used by high clerks in the Egyptian government during Khedive Ismail reign.


Although the museum is full of carriages, most of them date back to the period of Khedive Ismail.

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