Fayoum is one of the most charming cities in Egypt and it has a lot of beautiful natural views, Fayoum lies in a natural slip in the Egyptian western desert and closes to Cairo. It is also considered to be a fascinating tourist attraction, because of its beauty and location, as it is connected to Bahr Yusuf and the Nile River by amazing channels.

Get excited with Flying Carpet Tours that will take you in exciting sightseeing tours in Fayoum, as you will explore many historical and gorgeous landmarks that date back to Ancient Egyptian, Greek, Coptic and Islamic ages, which distinguished this town and make it an important historical town in Egypt. Fayoum is also well known as a relaxing destination, as it is considered as a peaceful place that makes you feel relaxed and delighted, especially for its breathtaking nature sights, as well as the rare and glamorous monuments.

Fayum is the convenient place to escape from the mess of life and the crowded world, enjoy watching the famous Qarun Lake, which considered in Egypt the third largest lake and one of the oldest natural lakes in the world, where you will be astonished with the beautiful coloured birds, moderate weather and amazing nature. Explore more about Sobek “The Crocodile God” and wander at the Valley of Whales, which holds a lot of different skeletons of whales. There are also one of the most beautiful monuments in Fayoum which is Ain Selein Park, which makes you live a great moments by watching the marvelous scenery, as well as Wadi el Rayan, where you will be delighted by the sand boarding in fascinating sandy dunes and a lot of marvelous activities that you allow to do in Fayoum. 

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