Nawamis are located in the desert of Sinai and close to Dahab St. Katherine, so, enjoy with Flying Carpet Tours during your trip to Nawamis, which are consisting of several stone tombs that are calles Nawamis, as well as these historical constructions are belonging to the Chalcolithic dynasty, which was known as the Copper Stone Age, therefore you will be excited with Flying Carpet Tours by visiting this area, as its tombs include bones that date back to 4000 B.C.


Consequently, you will be amazed with their way in constructions, as find out more about the ancient traditional, for it is clear that Nawamis were such a burial chambers, and due to its location in Sinai you would be better to visit this places before sunset, moreover you will explore more about the Bedouin people who are living in these places, as they are moving in the summer seasons to climb into the mountains and in the winter seasons they made their camps at low attitudes, therefore you will find yourself enjoying a new adventure.

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