Saint Catherine's Monastery

Saint Catherine’s monastery is known to be one of the oldest monasteries all over the world; it was constructed on the Sinai Peninsula, between the Gulf of Aqaba, the Gulf of Suez and the Desert of El-Tih in the Sinai. According to the order of the Emperor Justinian between 548 and 565, it has the oldest library in the whole world that include rare books of the Syriac Sinaiticus, when you go there you will find a small city that is surrounding the St. Catherine’s monastery and has swimming pools.


The Monastery of St. Catherine nowadays is an important landmark of Sinai that has amazing multicultural arts, Russian and Greek icons, marbles, Arab mosaics, large illuminated manuscript and oil paintings. It is also constructed around what it thought to be “Moses' Burning Bush”, which has a chapel that was built on the top of it. It also is a legendary Greek Orthodox St. Catherine Monastery.


St Catherine Monastery was also called the Monastery of the Transfiguration, and it has an important and old history, as it was considered to be the oldest working Christian monastery and has the smallest diocese that in the whole world. There’s also “The Chapel of the Burning Bush” , which  was constructed by the order of the Empress Helen, who was the mother of Constantine the Great, however, the monastery itself was actually constructed by the Emperor Justinian in order to protect the monks and to honor the site of the Burning Bush.


It also has a formidable fortification. Get excited with Flying Carpet tours guide who will let you know how this monastery became one of the most famous in the world, as you will enjoy your trips to the room of skulls and The Chapel of the Burning Bush.

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