Alexandria Library

Alexandria Library was considered to be one of the largest libraries in the ancient world, as it has several types of books such as political, science, agriculture, cultural and more, this library was constructed during 3rd century B.C by Ptolemy I, who was the son of Alexander the Great and dedicated to the goddesses of Arts who were called Muses, therefore you’ll enjoy walking at this huge and charming library with Flying Carpet Tours by taking trips to explore more about the Great Library of Alexandria, moreover there are a lot of papyrus and articles beside these valuable books which belong to the Greek and Pharaonic dynasties, as well as the books and items that belong to the Coptic and Islamic dynasties.



Moreover you’ll enjoy watching the glory of this marvelous library as it was called the Grand Library of Alexandria, the Great Library of Alexandria and the Royal Library of Alexandria, as it was special for the royal family and the priests of the ancient temples, therefore the Library of Alexandria is very important to us and to the Egyptian history as it shed light on all the old and modern civilization at many fields beside the big amount of the famous scientists that studied in this library such as Archimedes.

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