Catacombs of Kom El Shoqafa

The Catacombs of Kom El Shoqafa is one of the most valuable and historical land marks in Alexandria, it was discovered Accidentally when a donkey fall down into a hole that belongs to the tombs of the Catacomb, it means in English “Mound of Shards”, it is including a series of statues, antiques and tombs which belong to many cultures such as the Egyptian, Romanian and Greek, therefore it has a lot of several styles such as, the statues seems to be Egyptian in style but the clothes seem to be Romanian.



The word Catacombs means the underground tunnels and the Cata Comb ( Kom El Shoqaga ) is located in the a district that is called Larmouz along to the eastern side of Alexandria, Kom El Shoqafa was the name of this area it also means a pile of shards, enjoy exploring this amazing cemetery with Flying Carpet Tours as it was discovered by a falling donkey drawn cart in a pit, which allow them to explore these Catacombs in the 1900 A.D, they also found animal and human bodies remain and three sarcophagi which seems to be made in a Greco-Roman style.



These catacombs have a six-pillared central shaft which is opening off the vestibule. There’s a Triclinium on the left side, there’s also a funeral banquet hall where families and friends are gathering on stone couches which covered with cushions and a stone staircase comes down to the second level, as well as the lobby of the building includes two pillars which are crowned by the lotus, acanthus and papyrus leaves of ancient Egypt and two falcons flanking a winged sun decorate the frieze, consequently you’ll enjoy the mysterious and fabulous engraves and designing, as well as watching three massive stone coffins with non-removable covers over all the sides of the chamber which was making sure that bodies were inserted in them from behind, as they were using a passageway which makes it easy and runs round the outside of the funeral chamber, therefore it’s a palace that should be seen to explore the mysterious history of the Pharaonic civilization.

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