Montazah Palace

Monatazah Palace is situated at the eastern side of Alexandria city and it is a place that should be seen, as you’ll get excited with Flying Carpet Tours by exploring one of the most fabulous landmarks in Alexandria, as you’ll enjoy walking at its large gardens which locate at a hill overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, therefore there are marvelous views of the sea.



Consequently Montazah Palace is well known for its charming and it was constructed during the first half of the twentieth century, furthermore there’s Al Monatazah Gulf, which is a huge complex that includes about fives beaches which are Cleopatra, Semiramis, beach that belong Helnan Palestine Hotel, Aida and Vanessa, so, you can enjoy a lot of activities in Montazah beside visiting the Palace of Montazah, such as diving, swimming, snorkeling, riding sea boat, waterskiing and exploring the whole charming complex.



This Montazah Palace was constructed by Khedeve Helmy, who adored Alexandria city and decided to built this palace for himself and guests from the whole world, as the Palace of Montazah is containing about 3000 meters wide of tress and many kinds of plants which have charming colours and give the palace a gorgeous view, as these plants are consisting of huge bookts, Carlota, special kinds of palm trees, Catania, Anthurium, Araliaceae, Ropilia, Hokiry and Victoria.

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