Aqsunqur Mosque, Blue Mosque

The Aqsunqur Mosque or as it also was called the Blue Mosque was situated close to Bab Zuweila it is a mixture of flourishing courtyard for prayer and a mausoleum and it derived its name from Amir Aqsunqur who constructed it in 1347, then it became as one of the most amazing mosques during the Mamluk eras, and it shed light on the fabulous Mamluk’s designing, as well as it derived the name of Blue Mosque from a blue-gray marbel that is exists on the façade of the mosque and from the interior walls which were covered with turquoise and blue tiles decorated with flowers and plants designs.  



Therefore you’ll enjoy wondering at this amazing mosque that holds a big amount of Ottoman designs, which were added to the decoration of this mosque, it includes three tombs that belong to Aqsunqur, Sultan an-Nasir Mohammed and Ibrahim Aga, explore more about the Aqsunqur Mosque which was closed in 1992 because of a lot of damages that were occurred due to a hard earthquake but it was restored in 2009 and became a revitalization project that happened in the Islamic Cairo by AKTC.

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