Cheops Pyramid

The Great Cheops Pyramid is considered to be the largest Pyramid among Giza Pyramids, it also is one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world, as it was known as the Great Pyramid until the 19th century, moreover this pyramid is containing approximately 2.3 million stone blocks, which made many Egyptologists to guess that the workers had to set a block each two and half minutes, there was also a beautiful marble that was covering the pyramid from outside, but unfortunately it was removed by time.      


Cheops is the son of the Pharaonic king Snefru and he was the second ruler of Egypt in the 4th century, therefore there are many stories that tell about the construction of this great pyramid, as Herodotus said that this pyramid was built by more than 100,000 workers and it took about thirty years to be finished, but the other story says that they were farmers who built it instead of farming due to the Nile River flooding, therefore they concentrate their efforts in building this pyramid, it was said that the Nile flooding also helped in transporting the stones to build Cheops Pyramid, moreover these stones were transported from Tura and Aswan,



Amuse your soul with Flying Carpet Tours during your fancy trip to Cheops Pyramid and explore the three small pyramids that are located at the eastern side of Cheops Pyramid, which said to be built for the “Merites”, who was his sister and wife, but in the western side of Cheops Pyramid there’s the Royal Cemetery, which includes about 15 Matsabas that have been opened to public after being closed for more than hundred years, where you’ll find a lot of antiques and mummies, such as a 46000 old female’s mummy, moreover in the southern side of the pyramid there’s the Boat Pits, which were related to the Pharaonic beliefs for the afterlife world and were found in 1982 A.D and Museum.

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