Mohamed Ali Palace

The palace of Mohamed Ali is considered to be one of the beautiful landmarks in Egypt, it is located in Cairo and belong to Mohammed Ali Pasha, who was the founder of the modern Egypt, as he decided to build this palace in a far place, to be far from the citadel at a district in Cairo that is called Shubra, the instruction of this palace started in 1808 till it was finished in 1809, therefore it was called also Shubra Palace instead of Mohammed Ali Palace, it also contains Islamic and European styles in its designing.   


Therefore this palace is considered to be the first one that was built in Shubra district, the palace is also distinguished by its amazing designing and decoration which shed light on the Islamic and European styles at this time, as well as this palace had only the remaining parts such as the fountain Kios, the reception and basin areas, as well as an important part in this palace which is the garden that has a variety of colourful and rare flowers and plants.     


Enjoy discovering Mohammed Ali Palace with Flying Carpet Tours, walk at the charming garden, as you’ll find a small planted yard in every step of a scalar hill because of the waterwheel tower that was built for the garden and villa with water and you’ll also enjoy exploring the drawing room which was used as a dining room.

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