Opera House

Live the amazing adventure of the multicultural place during your exploring to the brilliant discoveries of the Cairo Opera House and enjoy watching the elegant arts which reflect the grandeur of the Egyptian arts which includes Oum Kalthoum Egyptian music, the Verdi’s “Aida”, Orff’s “Carmina Burana”, and even the pop concerts by local bands, as the Cairo Opera has grown like a true phoenix from the ashes, therefore the Cairo Opera House is considered to be a stereo that will never turn off.

Cairo Opera House is a National Cultural Center and it houses the finest and musical bands, it is situated in a place in Cairo which is called El Gezira, the Opera House has a modern and marvelous architectures, as it was constructed by famous Italian architects Rossi and Avoscani, The Opera House is also differentiate from the other culture houses by the most advanced audio-visual system, The Opera House is an open air theatre and a home for the elegant concert halls, as well as a museum that is belonging to the Egyptian culture history.

Entertain your soul and your eyes by exploring the Cairo Opera House which includes seven theaters, marvelous collection of photos that are dedicated to the house and many brochures of the popular and elegant concerts, you will also enjoy attending conferences and film festivals, there is also the gorgeous Third Theater, which is open and includes about 1000 seats beside many other halls, which some of them are used for rehearsals and training. As well as, the Library and the Museum which hold references are relating to the most glamorous artistic works.

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