Pyramid of Neferefre

The Pyramid of Neferefre is located at Abusir in Cairo, it was also called the Unfinished Pyramid and many of the Pharaohs of the 5th dynasty decided to put their burial monuments there, therefore this pyramid is sort of same as the Mastaba Tomb, moreover Mastaba Tomb is different than this pyramid, as the Neferefre Pyramid’s shape wasn’t a rectangle nor southern north oriented such as the Mastatba Tomb, addition to this pyramid has a square shape.



Neferefre was the eldest son of Neferirkare and he was also the 4th or 5th king of the 5th century, therefore Neferefre decided to construct his pyramid beside his father’s pyramid, directly after the death of his father.


Amuse your soul and eyes with Flying Carpet Tours during enjoying exciting tours to the Neferefre Pyramid, where they had found many mysterious monuments that appeared value papyri from the archive, which gave us a lot of important information and they also discovered the sculpturally of the King Neferefr, as well as they found out the funerary of Neferefre is located in the east side of those monuments.

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