Dakhla Oasis

Dakhla Oasis has a moderate climate that attract a lot of tourists from all over the world, as it has a charming and beautiful nature, as well as the great civilization that was discovered there, you will enjoy exploring the Daklha Oasis with Flying Carpet Tours by walking through the marvelous springs, as Dakhla Oasis includes about five hundred hot springs. Discovering the grandeur of Bir Al-Gebel Hot Spring and Bir Tarfawi, where you’ll have the chance to get relaxed and enjoy the beautiful weather, in addition to the marvelous ruins that belong to the medieval town, the amazing mud-brick buildings, the Village of Al Qasr.


Feast your eyes with the exciting discoveries of the city of Mut at Dakhla Oasis that date back to the Ancient Egyptian civilization, walk through the alleyways and the tight streets, which have a great history. Experience cycling in Mut and finding out how to negotiate and haggle with the local traders. Explore the history of Dakhla Oasis which had geographical importance, as it was connecting between Darb al-Tawil and the Nile Valley, as well as it had a lot of shores in the south side and a big lake, where there were lots of people who lived in those shores before they turned into a dry harsh nature, therefore it affected on people there and they had to immigrate, as the sand covered everything of their ancient way of life.


Flying Carpet Tours will get you excited for the luxury Spa and lodge at Dakhla Oasis, where you’ll feel comfortable and relaxed, as you can run away from your crowded world to achieve to your inner peaceful, consequently you’ll have a remarkable experience and an amazing place that you’ll never forget!

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