El Alamein

El Alamein is Located in the northwest of Cairo on the Mediterranean Sea, it lies Alexandria and Marsa Matrouh, it is known for its victory of Allies over Axis forces in the Second World War, it is also known for its moderate climate and warm sun. 


Explore the story of the Second World War with a live example of the Italian, British and German Cemeteries and Memorials, in addition to the historical landmarks, which remind us the ancient history of this city.


El Alamein is one of the most famous and beautiful sites that shouldn’t be missed in Egypt, as it makes you get back in time to remember and explore the events of the Second World War, because of the monuments that narrate the whole story of More than 80,000 soldiers were killed or wounded in the World War II from all sides and stands on the site where the actual battle took place. wander at Tel el Eisa, the War Museum and the War Cemetery, which is called The Commonwealth Cemetery, as it has the graves of the murdered soldiers from different Countries, it also contains many original war uniforms, vehicles and weapons.


Those Cemeteries look like parallel rows of gravestones, every one of them has the name of the murdered solider, the name of his family and the soldier's unit emblem. 

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