Kharga Oasis

Kharga Oasis the capital oasis of the New Valley, It is located in the Western Desert and has a moderate weather, explore the Egyptian and GraecoRoman monuments, enjoy the grandeur of the Hibis Temple, which was dedicated to Amun “the sun god”, wander at the amazing Kharga Museum, find out one of the oldest Christian cemeteries in the whole world and visit the Necropolis of El Bagawat, watch the dazzling colourful paintings of the tombs which includes paintings of Biblical scenes such as the sacrifice of Isaac by Abraham, Noah’s Ark and the Exodus of Moses.


Kharga Oasis was the center of the slave, however nowadays it became the largest oases in Egypt and has a big population that reached approximately to 70.000 people, as well as it has a charming nature, as you’ll find a clear sky with a lot of shining stars at night and glamorous palm trees, where you’ll have the opportunity to try the Bedouins food which has the primitive and modern lifestyle.

Feel relaxed with Flying Carpet Tours while exploring the amazing nature at Kharga Oasis, the ancient beautiful buildings and the archaeological monuments that date back to the third Dynasty, as you will walk through the Kharga Museum and enjoy watching its ancient artifacts during discovering its historical Coptic landmarks like Deir Al-Kashef Monastery and Al-Bagawat Necropolis. 

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