Safaga is well known for its glamorous coral reefs and it has a lot of exciting activities that you can do there, such as swimming, kite surfing, enjoying the sun and the warm weather, it also was distinguished by the charming nature, as it has amazing sandy dunes. Explore the ancient historical sites such as Mons Claudianus that was a Roman quarry that lies in the Egyptian eastern desert, Therefore there are many tourists that come to visit Mons Claudianus to find the fragments of granite beside to many ancient artifacts that isn’t totally damaged such as the broken column and some written texts that was put on broken pottery (ostraca) and was found at that site.


Discover the beautiful nature of Safaga, the colorful coral reefs, as Safaga lies in the south of Hurghada and in the west coast of the Red Sea, Explore Safaga Port, which has a great importance, because it has a moderate weather, it connects the cruises between Saudia Arabia and Aqaba and it is one of the most important therapeutic sites, as it has a charming nature that consists of mineral springs and black sand dunes which have a cure for some diseases such as the Psoriasis and Rheumatoid Arthritis.


Enjoy the sightseeing tour in Safaga with Flying Carpet Tours and get excited with many popular activities in Safaga such as Wind Surfing, Hosting Kite and swimming or even get relaxed while watching the charming Safaga beaches, get tan by the shinny and warm sun rays, as well as diving the Panorama Reef, Abu Kafan Reef, Sharm El-Naga and Ras Umm Hesiwa. Consequently you will find your way to wellness during your stay in Safaga and experience its healthy Spas. 

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