The Fortress of Shali

Entertain your eyes and soul with Flying Carpet Tours by visiting The Fortress of Shali, which dated back to 12th dynasty and located at Siwa Oasis, it is also considered to be one of the most fascinating places in Siwa, as well as Shali means the word City in English, therefore it means the fortress of the city as it a massive fortress that was constructed from salt rocks, therefore the Egyptian archaeological team had a big problem to reinstruct a temple by using the same materials of this fortress but it leads them to fail and it was destroyed in 1926, as there were heavy rains that had occurred after the rebuilding by approximately three days. 


Moreover you will be fascinated with charming and beautiful nature of Siwa Oasis during your hiking trip to Shali Fortress, as you will get the chance to watch the glamorous views of and explore spectacular monuments which are located at Siwa such as this Shali Fortress, which was designed carefully to be very strong fortress, as they made beside the narrow streets massive walls and small doors, in order to make sure that the city is secured and to be ready for any attacking, as the Bedouin and Berber people were always trying to steal their slaves and food.

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