Siwa Oasis

Siwa Oasis is considered to be one of the most important oasis in Egypt, as it is located in the west side of the Egyptian desert, as well as you will be excited by watching the charming nature of its mineral springs, Olive groves and Palma.



Moreover you will be fascinated by watching the beautiful monuments that makes you experience an exciting Safari trip, as it contains the atmosphere of Safari due to the fascinating sand sea, which gives you the chance to enjoy quad biking.



Consequently you will live an exciting adventure with Flying Carpet Tours during your trip to Siwa Oasis and enjoy exploring some ancient Egyptian monuments such as Shali and Temple of Oracle, as well as you will continue your trip to the Spring of Cleopatra, where the queen Cleopatra used to swim there, as it has a moderate weather at the winter sessions.      



As well as Siwa Oasis is well known for its isolated location and the plenty of the Pharaonic monuments such as Amun Temple, which is close to the Temple of Alexander the Great, and many other exciting places that includes beautiful salty lakes such as Maraghy and Khamisa lakes, addition to exploring such amazing places that has Berbers people who are speaking in the Berber language and some modern Egyptian dialect language.

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