Temple of Amun Ra

Temple of Amun- Ra is considered to be one of the most mysterious landmarks in Siwa Oasis, which is located at the western Desert in Egypt, as well as Amun-Ra Temple is including the Tomb of Alexander the Great, as he had visited the Temple of Amun Ra and wanted to have the same declaration of divine power to get control over Egypt and get the same glory of the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs. 



Therefore, this temple took an important place among the ancient Egyptian landmarks, as the archaeologists have found several golden lions statues and a symbol that belong to Amun Ra on 1995 A.D, as well as there were a lot of drawings at the walls to shed light on the transportation process of the dead body to the tomb, consequently Alexander the Great was making sure to be buried at this tomb, as he ordered to be mummified when he felt that his death is close enough, so, his body was buried and mummified at the Temple of Amun Ra in Siwa Oasis according to his wish.

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