Mountain of The Dead

Mountain of The Dead is located at the Siwa Oasis, which is containing amazing views that belong to the charming nature of Siwa Oasis, as well as it is including palm trees, therefore this Mountain of Death was found by coincidence, as the people who used to live in Siwa found it during the World War II, as they were looking for mountains of limestone blocks to make them as shelters.



Consequently you will get delighted with Flying Carpet Tours while watching the marvelous scenes of the mountain from the top to the bottom, as well as it has many mysterious tombs that belong to the dead carved that looks like a beehive of stone and consecutive rows which give the shape of the old Oasis. 



Moreover when you visit its tombs you will be fascinated by Si Amon Tomb which is considered to be the most beautiful and mysterious tomb of all the tombs of the Dead Mountain, as well as it was belonging to a Greek man who used to live in Siwa and buried according to the traditional way at this era.

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