Saladin Citadel

Saladin Citadel was constructed by Salah El Din Al Ayyubi, who was the founder of Cairo Citadel, and he built this Citadel in Taba in 1171 A.D, as its in the northern side of Aqaba Gulf about 10 km far from Aqaba, Saladin Castle had a very important historical and geographic place in Egypt, as it is looking over four countries Egypt, Saudia Arabia, Jordan and Palestine. 


As well as Salah El Din Fortress was built to prevent the attacks of Crusaders who were coming from Europe, therefore he provides the citadel with lots of strong soldiers, also to take control of the products that were coming from Asia, moreover he built a massive walls to surround the castle, beside making a lot of weapons, many houses for the soldiers, water reservoir, a mosque that was constructed by Amir Hossam El Din Bagel, storage rooms and a big oven in order to bake bread, so you will be amazed with Flying Carpet Tours when you visit the Saladin Citadel and watch the massive outer and inner walls of the citadel.

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