Taba lies in the north side of Aqaba Golf, it has a moderate and warm weather, as it is one of the top and beautiful tourist attractions, therefore there are a lot of people who loves going there for its shiny sun, marvelous beaches and charming nature. Explore the underwater life during your diving trips and enjoy watching the fascinating water animals and plants, as you’ll find the coloured and beautiful coral reefs, especially when you go to the Coloured Canyon, Be astonished by visiting archeological monuments and sites such as the St. Catherine's Monastery and walk through the marvelous Saladin Fortress, such historical places shouldn’t be missed as they are few kilometers far from Taba.       


Taba is located in a unique place that connects between the continents of Asia and Africa, it is also close to Nuwieba and Sharm El sheikh, som, you can go there from Taba easily. This location gave it the suitable warm weather. Furthermore, you will get excited with the charming beaches of Taba, explore underwater life, and experience Safari through the fancy desert.


Live the exciting adventures with Flying Carpet Tours, as you will find many interesting activities and things to do when you visit Taba, you will also find the opportunity to run away from the stress of life and the crowded world, because you will enjoy the fascinating life underwater and discover the amazing coral reefs during your diving trips, experience a comfortable and luxury accommodation at charming resorts. Taba also contains of many fabulous sceneries in Sinai, which should be seen. Moreover, there are a lot of sightseeing tours that can be organized from Taba to many exciting places such as St. Catherine Monastery, Colored Canyon at Nuweiba and Petra via Aqaba Gulf.

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