Lighthouse of Alexandria

Entertain your mind and soul by exploring the grandeur of the Lighthouse of Alexandria, which is considered to be one of the most developed technological achievements in the 3rd B.C century, as it also was famous and known as a one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, Explore the Lighthouse of Alexandria with Flying Carpet Tours, as you will find many stories and evens during its instruction, as Alexander the Great conquered Alexandria and decided to construct Alexandria city and built two harbors and after his death Alexandria took an important position in the economy because of its location in the Mediterranean Sea.



Therefore Ptolemy I Soter decided to construct the Lighthouse of Alexandria to be a clear guide for ships, this construction was designed by Sostratus, he also was very happy for his work and engraved his name on it. The Lighthouse of Alexandria is looking like a huge box and includes several floors, the first floor was measuring about a hundred feet and has a square shape, there was also a big spiral ramp inside it which let many materials can be pulled to the top in horse-drawn carts, but unfortunately there was a strong earthquake that damaged the second floor while the first floor has been survived, the top of this tower became an open cupola, where the burning light appears due to the fire that has been made over there, as well as there was a massive mirror that was reflecting the light of the sun and it was said that this mirror was used as a weapon, as they wear using it to make the strong sun light focus on the enemies, but at night it was just used to make a light with fire for the passing ships in the distance far from the harbor of approximately a hundred mile.

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