Philae Temple

Philae Temple is situated in the Island of Philae, this temple contains of many ancient Egyptian sanctuaries and shrines, like For Millennia, the Bed of Pharaoh or Trajan’s Kiosk and more, therefore the Island of Philae is attracting many pilgrims from the whole world, it also became as a worshiping center after the Christianity has been spread and arrived to the Philae Island, entertain your soul and mind with Flying Carpet Tours during tour trip to the Philae Temple, as you will watch the beautiful discoveries at one of the most charming landmarks in Egypt.



The Temple of Philae was derived its name from the Greek language, as it was named Philae in Greek which means in English beloved and in Arabic it was known as Anas El Wegood, enjoy getting back in time to the ancient Egyptian eras, as this temple was situated during the Ptolemy’s dynasty, and it dates back to the time of the king Taharqa, as well as it was built to be dedicated to the worshiping of the ancient Egyptian God Osiris, it includes two fancy temples, one of them was belonging to the ancient God Isis and the other one includes the hall of columns.     



Live a nice adventure during your exploring to the glory og the ancient Egyptian civilization and constructions, find out more about the glory of King Tarjan, continue to the flourishing Chapel of Osiris, be witnessed of the amazing history when you watch the Temple of Horus and the Hathor Temple, moreover there will be many other monuments to discover such as the beautiful Augustus Temple, The Gate of Dicoletian and The Gate of Tiberius.

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