Tombs of Nobles

Tombs of Nobles are a rocky graves located on the west bank of Aswan, just north of Kitchener’s Island, it provides us with the history of Egypt during the Old and the Middle Kingdoms ' periods. ‎


Tombs of Nobles are rocky graves that belong to the rulers of the city of Aswan, carved into the sandstone and date back to the 23rd century BC.


The wall paintings in Tombs of Nobles are wonderful, showing the daily life activities of the ancient Egyptians in a magnificent masterpiece ‎of art. It is decorated with vivid murals scenes of everyday life, hieroglyphic biographies and inscriptions showing the noblemen trips to Africa. 


It was discovered by Lord Greenville in ‎the period between 1885 and 1886 .The most important tombs are ‎the tombs of Harkhuf, Sarenput II, and the tomb of Sabni and Mekho.


The Tombs of Mekho and Sabni, Mekho Tomb is characterized with a portrait on the right hand wall of the tomb, displaying the ‎prince Mekho wearing a skirt and accompanying his wife while the servant is ‎bringing him the offerings to present to the gods. The Tomb of Sabni, the son of Mekho, is actually an extension of the tomb of ‎the father Mekho, considered a large tomb, in comparison to the other tombs ‎of Tombs of Nobles. ‎


You will explore The Tomb of Sarenput II which is probably the finest in the tombs of the Nobles in Aswan, Sarenput was a royal prince, a high priest of the temples of the gods of ‎Khnum and Sant, and the army leader of Egypt during the ruling period of ‎Amenmehat II. You will aslo discover The Tomb of Harkhuf who was the ruler of the region of the Elephantine Island in this period. ‎

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