Al Hussein Mosque

Al Hussein Mosque is one of the most famous Islamic landmarks in Egypt, it lies near to the fabulous Khan EL Khalili Bazzar in Cairo, and it is usually the sanctuary where the dignitaries and the Egyptian president pray on special occasions, as well as there were some researches which proved that Al Hussein Mosque was constructed above the Cemetery of the Fatimid Caliphs, and the most exciting thing in this mosque that it contains an amazing collection of sacred objects such as the oldest version of the holly Qur`an.


Explore the Islamic studies and history with Flying Carpet Tours while walking through the Mosque of Al Hussein. Al Hussein is the son in law of the prophet Muhammed, and it was supposed that he would have the caliphate after his father “Ali”, but unfortunately he was murdered in Iraq in Karabala battle, moreover the panels on the mosque’s magnificent  minaret date back to the 14th century, therefore you will enjoy watching the beautiful and modern addition to the mosque such as the large Teflon canopies that give a fancy spirit for worshippers who come to the mosque’s square for Friday prayer.

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