Al Silahdar Mosque

Sulayman Agha Al-Silahdar mosque is one of the most elegant mosques in Cairo which is distinguished by its style that exemplify the mixture of Baroque Ottman and Local Cariene styles, the Mosque was built in 1839 and located in Al-Mo'ez Street in Cairo in the direction to Bab El Fotoh.


The mosque was built during the reign of Prince Suleiman Agha Al-Silahdar who was one of Mohamed Ali's lieutenants.


The mosque is known by its pencil-like minaret which is a tall and thin structure built in the Ottoman style and the mosque's design includes both the interior qibla orientation and the existing context of the street by progressively increasing the thickness of the wall of the street façade, an adjustment technique first employed in the Mosque of al-Aqmar .


The Mosque is rectanglur in shape, divided into two squares, the western square includes the campus of the mosque, which is a bowl surrounded by arcades covered by shallow domes, this campus is covered by a wooden roof with a hole in the middle for ventilation and lighting.The eastern square contains the place of prayer covered by a wooden roof decorated with various painting carvings.

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