Om Kalthoum Museum

Om Kalthoum Museum is situated close to Nileometer in Giza governorate, it derived its name from the most famous Egyptian singer in the middle east, who was called Om Kalthoum,  she was known for her pure, strong and amazing voice, therefore the Arabian called her “ Kawkab El Shark “ which means Star of The East.



Om Kalthoum was born in Egypt at Delta in 1904 A.D, she was also considered to have the most charming and beautiful voice in the world during the twentieth century, therefore they built a small and fabulous museum for her to shed light on her wonderful songs and life, you’ll also find several performance clothes that were belonging to her, especially her scarf and trademark dark glasses, which were very famous because she used to wear them in every performance, moreover there are some original handwritten lyrics of the famous song Leylet Hob and you’ll watch a documentary movie about her concerts and funeral.

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