Taghri Bardi Mosque

Taghri Bardi Mosque is considered to be one of the mosques that were constructed during the Mamluk Dynasty, it also shed light on the earliest Islamic monuments and constructions, as it has 45° angle with the street façade, moreover the architect inserted some small recesses that were used for air shafts and light instead of sill the space of the diverging walls.



The Mosque of Taghri Bardi was constructed by one of the most famous Emirs during the Sultan Barsbay Dynasty who was called the Emir Taghri Bardi El-Rumy, as he was the commander of the army that conquered the Crusader Kingdom of Cyprus, therefore you’ll get excited by exploring the grandeur of this marvelous monuments that shed light on great history with Flying Carpet Tours that will give you the chance to know more about the fabulous civilizations that the ancient Egypt had witnessed, you’ll also find the Funerary Complex of Emir Taghri Bardi El Rumy that date back to 1440 A.D, which is situated in Cairo on Saliba Street, near to the enormous Qalawun Funerary Complex, as well as the two facades that belong to this mosque which considered to be the most charming parts of in this mosque, as the first façade is overlooking on the Saliba Street and the second one contain a door that leads to the Madrasa and the Mausoleum.

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