The Mosque of Al-Burdayni

The Mosque of Al-Burdayni was founded between 1616 and 1629 by Karim al Din al Burdayni who was a simple Egyptian Shaykh of the Shafi'i rite,however, it was completed in 1694 by a wealthy merchant, it lies in Mohamed Ali Street next to the Mosque of Maleka Safiya. 


The mosque is a small structure, actually not larger than a square room with a richly orientated Minaret, though the size, the mosque is richly decorated, distinguished by its luxurious style of decoration which was not common in the Ottoman mosques.


The walls are completely covered with marble slabs, panels, marble and mosaic, while the ceiling is handsomely gilded and the windows are beautifully decorated with brightly colored glass.


The mosque is L-shaped with two facades, the western one provides the entrance portal with the minaret on its right side. The upper section consists of a bulb resting on a balcony on stalactites, and thus is an imitation of late Mamluk minarets. 


The Minbar of the mosque is unique, as it is inlaid with glimmering pearl.

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