Edfu Temple

Discover the glory of the archaeological monument of Edfu Temple, it also called the Temple of Horus. That temple lies at Edfu city in the west bank of the Nile River; it was constructed on the Ptolemy III era and completed on the Ptolemy IV era.  


Edfu Temple was built on the place of the great Horus-Seth battle by Imhotep, a famous Ancient Egyptian architecture; he used clay and stone to construct the temple. This temple is the second largest temple after Karnak Temple; it also has Egyptian hieroglyphics decorations which have shed light on the practices of the cult of Horus.


Enjoy exploring the Ancient Egyptian civilization by watching the marvelous Pharaonic inscriptions on the walls of Edfu Temple, which gave us a lot of information about the Pharaonic history, myth, religion and ancient languages, which were used at Greco-Roman era. Wander at the Temple of Edfu, which was dedicated to Horus and Hathor, therefore it was the center of many ancient Egyptian festivals to sacred to the Horus, The building of Hypostyle Hall has a lot of amazing decorations, which are consisting of a description of the Feast of the Beautiful Meeting and the universal reunion between Horus and his beloved wife Hathor. There are also the first pylon, which is situated in the entrance of the temple and it has many beautiful inscriptions, the Temple of Edfu is spiritually has a a connection to the Hathors Temple at the Dendera complex.

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