Al Minya Attractions

El Minya is famous as “the Bride of Upper Egypt”, because of its location in Upper Egypt, it is an important city, as it is well known for its advanced agriculture and it has many industries, therefore it ia a Productive city, it has flour mills, a sugar refinery, rug-weaving industry and cotton gins, as well as the cultivation of onions and cane, which are popular in El Minya.
Discover the archaeological monuments in El Minya with Flying Carpet Tours, as there are a plenty of marvelous historical sites. We will take you in exciting trips to many places as Tell El Amarna, which is one of the most famous landmarks in El Minya, walk through Tuna El Gabal, which holds a beautiful temple of Osiris, visit the fascinating Monastery of the Virgin Mary, who was the mother of Constantine the Great, explore the monuments of El Ashmunein, which include great ruins, Wander at the Prehistory at Beni Hassan, enjoy visiting El Bahnasa, and a lot of other fabulous ancient places.

Enjoy our sightseeing tours to ancient and modern historical places, as you will get excite with El-Umra Mosque, this mosque is the oldest one in the town, the Abdul-Mejid Basha Seif El-Nasr Mallawi Palace, the Christian and Muslim cemeteries, they are in a place that is known as Zawiyet El-Mayyiteen (Place of the Dead), it is also considered to be one of the largest cemeteries all over the world and visit El-Lamati Mosque.
El Minya has a lot of monuments that you shouldn’t miss, as you will be astonished with grandeur of Those historical sites, moreover El Minya is nowadays one of the most famous attraction destinations, as it has luxury restaurants, markets and hotels which have charming overlooking, as you will enjoy the view of the boats while sailing over the Nile River.

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